We think community engagement means people working collaboratively, through inspired action and learning, to create and realize bold visions for their community.

As community engagement increases, citizens move from being passive to taking active leadership roles. As leaders, citizens can have a powerful influence and effect on the life of their communities.

Our Board, staff and volunteers play an active role in community engagement, some through formal partnerships and others with active participation on task groups, coalitions and advisory committees. Highlights for the year include:

    Halton Homes a multi-partnership of community agencies who provide supports and housing to people with severe mental illness.
    Supported Housing for seniors with mental health issues. A partnership with the Region of Halton, Summit Housing, Bonnie Place II and St. Andrews.
    ASH Addiction Supportive Housing Program partnership with ADAPT.
    Active Involvement on: homelessness and affordable housing issues through Halton Housing Advisory Committee, Homelessness Partnering Initiative, Halton Housing Alliance: Concurrent Disorders initiative, LGBT friendly via Positive Space Network; and the Halton Nonprofit Network.

Our partners include


Adapt Halton



Halton Region

Halton Nonprofit Network

Halton Health Care Services

Halton Health Care Services

Halton Health Care Services

Joseph Brant Hospital

Positive Space Network


Summit Housing & Outreach Programs


Recovery is possible, that you are not alone and help/support is available - moreover it's okay to seek it.Aatayna H.
SHH Sunflower

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