Supportive Housing

Support & Housing – Halton currently offers the following housing support programs, all of which have community supports attached to them:


  • Located in Oakville
  • Accommodates 7 people
  • Affordable rent


LIFEHOUSE (Living Independently For Experience)LIFEHouse

  • Located in Acton
  • Accommodates 5 people
  • Ages 16 to 25
  • Affordable rent


  • Transitional housing  
  • Located in Oakville             
  • Accommodates 10 people
  • Affordable rent

  • There are 5 townhouses in total
  • 3 in Acton and 2 in Oakville
  • Tenants learn to live together in partnership with other housemates
  • Based on rent-geared-to-income


  • Approximately 80 apartments within Halton
  • Located in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Acton
  • Based on rent-geared-to-income

The ASH program is available to those in the early stages of addiction recovery, who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or marginally housed, not experiencing a serious or persistent mental illness, and are at least 16 years of age. ASH clients are housed throughout Mississauga and Halton and are provided with intensive community supports in a partnership with ADAPT.

Your involvement within our housing provides a number of rights, including:

  • The right to privacy and confidentiality
  • Safety and cleanliness
  • 24/7 access to our crisis line support
  • A pleasant living environment

Support & Housing – Halton strives to provide a safe environment that allows individual growth and development. The services offered are person-centred, meaning you are the best person to identify your strengths, and how your needs should be met. Support is individualized and service delivery is driven by your direction. The agency agrees to support you with your recovery goals by building strong partnerships with you, your circle of support, and community resources to ensure the best possible service is offered to you.


Chartwell House is on my A1 list of my recovery process...the staff are phenomenal, second to none.Unknown
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