Food for Life

Food for Life

As the awarded contributor of the year by SHH for 2010-2011 we are thankful for there generosity. Each and every Monday a truck from Food for Life pulls into our parking lot and they donate food for us to redistribute to our consumers. This helps our consumers cut there grocery bill, or provide them with something different then they would normally eat.

For more information on Food for Life and the wonderful work they do,
click the logo above to go to there website.

Past Contributor of the Year

David Killgannonjoined TEACH as a volunteer in 2012...
Food for LifeFood for Life Each and every Monday, Food for Life donates food to the agency for our consumers. Read more...
Town of OakvilleOakville Municipal GreenhouseEach year we receive donations for our homes of new flowers. Read more...


Food for life provides food that is donated by local grocery stores, this helps supplement some of homes with extras.Unknown
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